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I’ve been travelling since just after I finished my degree; a month in Thailand soon turned into a couple of years across Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Fiji, Indonesia, Iceland etc etc. The more I see the more I want to see. And at the moment I’ve got no reason to stop, no ties to the UK or to a permanent job. Over the years I’ve worked as a waitress, barmaid, telesales person, web content writer,  customer services representative and fruit picker, the list goes on but almost every job I’ve had has been temporary and low paid. You really don’t need to be rich to travel you just need to want it badly enough. So I’ve decided to give this whole blog thing a go, update you on my whereabouts, tell some stories and convince you that you can travel on a budget just as I’ve done.
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Where is Laura now? Argentina

How many countries has Laura been to? 43

How much of the bucket list is complete? 61%

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