So, I know its touristy etc, etc, but when your faced with the opportunity to meet a tiger how can you turn that down?! You’d have to be crazy!

So where can you do this? There are two places in Thailand renowned for this the first is Tiger Temple near Kanchanaburi and the second is Tiger Kingdom just outside Chiang Mai. I headed to Tiger Temple, its about 45 mins outside Kanchanaburi and you can easily get a taxi or arrange a large tuk tuk to take you there and back. Legend has it that the first tiger strolled into the temple and after the monks shared their food with it, the tiger decided to stay. I’m not sure how much truth there is to that but it’s a nice story.


Once you arrive you’ll sign a waiver.. Just in case your mauled to death ; ) and proceed through the gates. There are actually a few other animals about but you follow a path up through the park until you get to a main area where there a tonnes of tigers lying about, line up and get your photo taken posing next to a massive tiger! Every so often people will start to gather and you’ll know that it’s time to walk the tigers, pass your camera to one of the staff and they’ll give you the tigers lead to hold and take some photos. You’ll walk down to an area of seat where they’ll tell you abit about the tigers and then take some more photos of you with various tigers that are lazing about the place.


If you want to you can pay an extra fee (About £15-20 from what I remember) and feed the cubs, I didn’t go for this as I was all tigered out by this point but from the people who did feed the cubs it sounded pretty amazing!


All in all it’s an insane experience. And I’m undecided really on whether it’s cruel to keep the tigers there, only as cruel as a zoo I guess! There is food included in your entry price, but lots of people miss it, it’s normally some yummy noodle soup and it’s located outside the park gate in a hut in the car park.