Bridge over the river Kwai
Visit the Bridge over the river Kwai – Preferably after watching the movie before leaving home! Another thing to do before you leave home is organize your travel accommodations and book your Flights to Bangkok, so you can start your journey and the exploring!

Erawan National Park
Erawan Nat Park is famous for its 7 tier waterfall, dropping 1,500 ft. If you’re after a challenge trek to the top level, its a bit of a scramble towards the top but perfectly manageable if your reasonably fit. When you get to the top there is a large pool which you can cool down in. In this pool and several of the others are the original ‘fish massage’ fishies which you find in spas all over the shop these days, these are bigger and if you stand still in the water will come straight up to your and suck you. Its bizarre! On one of the lower levels there is a smooth expanse of rock covered in moss which makes an amazing waterslide into the pool! There are also various caves and limestone formations in the park including one huge cave with 5 ‘rooms’.  Before you enter the park ensure you have no open food and make sure any food at all is safely in your rucksack, as there are monkeys near to the entrance which will grab anything they can see.


Tiger Temple
Who wants to meet some tiger? If you do this is the place to go, head over to Tiger temple and check out the tigers raised by monks. You can sit with them, help feeding and walk them, read my post about Tiger Temple here.

10 Baht Bar
At the end of a long hot day on a backpackers budget there’s nowhere better to be than 10 baht bar. It is effectively a table on the pavement with some upturned buckets as seats selling alcohol, but as soon as it opens it gets busy and the obvious attraction is the price.. at 10Bt (20 pence of 30 cent) for any single and mixer, how could you say no!


Long Tail Boat Tour
Take a long tail boat tour to the Khao Poon Caves which are used as a monastery, the war cemetery and the war museums. It’s a great way to see the river Kwai in between place too!

Eat at
The Tree House restaurant –Literally it’s a massive tree house housing a restaurant. Or BBQ buffet – a buffet of fresh meat and fish you BBQ on your own tablet top BBQ.