Arguably, the 5 most important phrases to learn before arriving in Thailand, a little effort goes a long way…

Firstly all sentences in Thai end with something called a ‘partical’ it turns the sentence into a polite form and must be used at the end of every sentence. It is different for females and males;
The female ending is = Kha
The male ending is = Khrap
1)      Hello =                                              Sa wat dee

The same phrase is also used to say goodbye.

2)      Thank you =                                     Khap koon
3)      Yes/No =                                           Kha (Yes) / Mai Kha (No) –Female
                                                                         Khrap (Yes) / Mai Khrap (No) –Male
These are the polite versions, the equivalent of saying Yes/No thanks. No is particularly useful, especially for dismissing persistent street venders, they tend to walk away if you answer in Thai, opposed to continuing to pester you!
4)      How much is this?                          Tao rai5)      Can you make it cheaper?          Lot noi dai mai

Don’t forget to add the polite ending to each of these phrases; Kha for females and Khrap for males. Although you may make mistakes and may not understand the fast paced Thai reply to the questions. It is polite to try to ask in Thai, it is nice to feel slightly less ignorant and vendors will appreciate this and almost always give you a lower price or more bargaining room.

*The spellings of phrases and words here are based on the sound of the words not the correct Thai spelling, as Thai is a tonal language this allows you a better chance of achieving correct pronunciation.