So I get travel sick, motion sick, car-boat-plane-anything-that-moves-sick, and for as long as I can remember all my favourite holidays, trips and occasions have been punctuated by the unpleasant memory of being sick on the way/way back/drive between each and every one of them…

This infuriates me, as it is such a stupid pointless mechanism my brain has developed and yet it really impacts my life, and most annoyingly my travels. Road trip route 66? You have got to be joking; I’d rather not spend a month throwing up into various containers.
I’m told you grow out of it but at 22, I’m still waiting on that one! However all is not lost and there are some things that can help to prevent it or keep it at bay when it is unavoidable.

  1. Don’t overeat or overdrink before the journey – That means no Big Macs or pint size hot choc’s (I’ve tried it, believe me it doesn’t end well)
  2. Eat Antiemetic foods – Ginger, Peppermint and flat Coke a Cola – These foods all naturally prevent vomiting.
  3. Take anti motion sickness medication – This tends not to stop you from feeling sick, but stops you from physically being sick. This can be a blessing for extra-long journeys or journeys where you cannot stop, having the safe guard lets you relax and means you’re less likely to panic yourself into feeling sick. I tend to take Stugeron, but I’m sure most brands do the same thing.
  4. Anti-sickness travel bands – Bands for your wrists which push on your pressure points. I can’t say that these have ever worked for me, but some people swear by them, so if you haven’t already tried them, they’ve got to be worth a go.
  5. Drive – This has got to be the best solution, for some reason driving stops motion sickness if at all possible consider being the designated driver. (I’ve been the sole driver for a 14,000k journey purely to avoid being sick every time I get in the car).
  6. Distraction – If you can drive, get someone to entertain you, play eye-spy, listen to a podcast or audio stand-up comedy. It really helps if you can take your mind off it.