Bizarrely one of the best places in Australia to see dolphins is Monkey Mia on the west coast (Sorry no monkeys in sight). I’ve hand fed some wild(ish) dolphins before on the east coast near rainbow beach so I wasn’t all that bothered about joining the hordes for the feeding times here. However we headed up there early in the afternoon and headed for the beach. When we arrived we decided to hire a sea canoe and head for a quieter stretch of the beach. We chucked our valuables in a dry bag and paddled out, within minutes there was a pod of 3 dolphins swimming alongside the canoe. They would appear right next to us and jump out over the front part of the canoe and then disappear for a few minutes before circling back and reappearing, it was like playing tag with a pod of dolphins!

The dolphins were so playful and inquisitive and it was such an epic experience being that close to them, having them swimming alongside us. Eventually it was game over and the dolphins disappeared and we paddled down the coast to a section of completely deserted beach, where we chilled out in the sun and snorkelled for the rest of the afternoon. This was one of the most memorable days from my whole west coast trip, we were so incredibly lucky and the unexpectedness of our encounter with the dolphins only made it better! I’m so relieved we opted to hire a canoe instead of lazing on the beach that day, if your ever passing by Monkey Mia jump in a canoe and give it a go! You can get there with cheap flight to Australia!