We headed into Kilbarri National Park and out down an extremely bumpy dirt track towards the Z-Bend and Natures window, it was a long and fairly uncomfortable drive as we were in good old faithful Horton (our Campervan) with no 4×4.

We made a quick stop at the Z bend and walked down to the lookout point for a fairly epic view, after some photos, we headed back to the van and back to the dirt track across to Natures window. We parked up and walked down to Natures window, it’s an easy 400m walk from the car park, fairly crowed with people but I guess it’s good to get the token photo….


At this point it seems most people turn around and head back to their cars, but they don’t know what their missing! There is a 9k loop walk from natures window, which is without a doubt one of the best things I did in Australia. You start walking across the ‘rooftop’ of the Murchison River gorge, looking down into the gorge you can see stretches of untouched beach along the narrow sides.  We worryingly saw a group of 4 people about 1 k in walking in the opposite direction, kitted up to the max with light weight trekking gear, poles, backpacks, hats etc. There’s me in a Bikini top, shorts, and KSwiss’s and my travel mate matt in a pair of bordies, with 1 litre of water between the two of us! They probably thought we’d never last! You walk right along the edge of the rooftop down the inside on one of the bends, when you reach the furtherest point along the top you start to make your way down to the river level, it’s a bit of a scramble but nothing too taxing. When you reach the bottom you walk along at river level along the beaches and the edge of the rocks until you are parallel with where the walk started, just a hell of a lot lower, the last bit was pretty hard we’d headed out mid-morning and as a result it was now mid-day heat as we scrambled all the way back up to natures window.

There isn’t a path as such for any of this walk, just occasional arrows pointing you in the general direction you should be going. It took us about 3 hours to do the walk and we were buzzing after it, it’s such an interesting walk, and so nice to get away from all the paths packed full on people on the set walks along the west coast, we didn’t see a single other person in the middle 6k! I’d honestly advise anyone to give this ago, if your short on time or not so fit and don’t fancy doing the whole thing, the walk along the rooftop is completely flat and you can easily turn around and come back when u reach the downwards scramble! Give it a go, I promise you would be disappointed!