I’ve always been adamant that I’d never bungee jump… right up until I visited Queenstown in New Zealand. It’s the home of the first ever commercial bungee and I started to feel like it was too much of an opportunity to miss out on. After spending the first day going round in circles from ‘Yes I’m definitely going to do it’ to ‘Nope no way’ after a few drinks in the pub whilst sheltering from the snow and slightly worse for wear the decision was made and I shook on it. No going back now, I booked it the next morning slightly regretting the pub trip and shaking on it! The following morning I drove out to Kawarau bridge, got weighed, signed a waiver and headed out to the viewing platform with my golden ticket to wait for my time slot. 11am came and a group of us headed onto the bridge I was about 6th person in the queue and it was so painful waiting there watching people jump, the nerves built up and up the longer I waited. Finally it was my turn…
I very shakily made my way to the seat to have my ankles bound and harness attached. It felt like this was taking ages and finally I got the ‘Ready’ and stood up just as the music playing changed to “another one bites the dust” great timing!

I tottered forward to the edge, smiled for the cameras, 3,2,1 and jumped, the temptation to stall was ridiculous but I knew if I didn’t jump on the first go I’d never do it! It’s odd that as you go to jump off you realise your legs are tied together and it’s less of a jump more of a leaning fall. A few seconds of free fall, no scream, no swearing, just absolute dead silence, I think I was so scared I forgot to scream. Then the rope catches and you’re safe, Result! I almost didn’t do the bungee but I was so relieved I did, the adrenaline rush was amazing and I absolutely loved it. Check out the video below: