Walking across a glacier was high on my bucket list, so I’d been looking forward to it for ages when we arrived at Fox Glacier Township. I had originally planned to go to Franz Joseph Glacier further up the coast but as I was short on time and we turned up at Fox glacier at lunch time and managed to get on a tour that afternoon for a trek up onto the glacier, I decided to go for it. An hour or so later and we were suited up with coats, hats, gloves and crampons and heading to the glacier. We walked for about 40 minutes up towards the glacier across the notorious ‘Gun Barrel’ so named because of the amount of boulders which fly down the slope and onto the path below, which we were stood on (gotta love these reassuring tour guides)….


Stepping out onto the first stretch of ice was epic; I was now officially stood on a glacier! We made our way up through a vast field of grey-white ice, being sure to keep to the correct side of the occasional piles of rocks marking danger areas. We walked down gullies and very carefully peered down tunnels formed by waterfalls. When we got to the furthest point we filled our water bottles with mountain fresh water from a stream formed by the melting glacier. Eventually we looped back towards the starting point, stopping to walk through a huge semicircle structure of ice and peer towards the front edge of the glacier at the foremost point. Just walking along on this huge expanse of ice was incredible, the sheer size was overwhelming and I didn’t really want to come down! You can also go a full day of actually mountain climbing on the glacier and it sounded incredible if you have the time and money to do so, next time I will definitely be going for a full day!