We stayed in the River City Inn a cheap hostel located in the heart of the city. It’s just a few minutes away from Clarke Quay and a MTR station. It was about £12 a night in the big dorm, which isn’t too bad for central Singapore and I was really impressed. The hostel was clean and the staff were friendly, free Wi-Fi and free breakfast are always a bonus.After having a bit of a wander and getting my bearings, I headed to Chinatown for some cheap souvenirs and ice cold beer. China town is also the best place to try the famous Singapore Chili Crab if you are on a budget, most of the restaurants along the Singapore river charge a fair whack for it but there are a few places in china town that do it for a more reasonable price (as long as you don’t mind sitting next to a cage of crabs while you eat it)….
Next I headed to the ‘Long Bar’ at Raffles (If you don’t know it, raffles is a super posh super expensive English hotel in Singapore). This is the bar where the famous Singapore Sling cocktail was invented, so inevitable I had to go and try one in its birthplace. It’s about £8 for the cocktail including the service charge, which isn’t exactly budget but it’s not too outrageous!

I managed to tick two things off my bucket list on this trip, firstly the Singapore sling in Raffles and secondly gambling in Marina Bay Sands Casino. It’s a place of largest, biggest and bestest with; the largest public cantilever platform in the world, the most expensive stand along casino, and the largest atrium casino in the world. And it does exactly what it says on the tin; wow’s your socks off. From all over the city you can see this giant boat shape looming over high rise buildings, up close the building is even more impressive and when you step inside you definitely get the distinct feeling of royalty about the place. It’s free for international passport holders to go into the casino so even if gambling’s not your thing its worth going in for a look and while you’re there can also pay to go up on the sky deck and look out over the city.
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Clarke Quay is a great place to wander around and stop for a beer on the riverside, and if your after cheap food just wander down any side street and you’ll find tonnes of noddle bars etc. serving authentic Singapore dishes.