Tim Ho Wan is the cheapest Michelin star restaurant in the world. We set off here early  and got in the queue for a scrap of paper with a number on it and were told about an hour, this is pretty food going as the queues range from 1-3 hours, and even longer on the weekends and holidays. When you arrive ignore all the people standing around outside and walk straight up to the staff by the door and get a piece of paper with a number on it. So we wandered around the surrounding area for abit and headed back to wait in the que to make sure we didn’t miss our time. If you have to wait awhile longer then the ladies market is just around the corner and a great place to kill some time browsing and shopping. If you are planning to kill two birds with one stone and visit the restaurant and ladies market in the same afternoon, make sure you go and grab a ticket for the restaurant first! However make sure you get back in plenty of time, not only do you not want to miss your chance but sometimes they will only call out the numbers in Chinese, so it’s best to get close to the door and take a peek at which numbers are being handed in.


When you finally squeeze inside the restaurant you will see why the queue is so big, not only does the food look, smell and taste (and as we were about to find out) amazing but the restaurant is a tiny, tiny one room affair packed with tables so close together, everyone has to shuffle their tables along in order for you to get past to sit down. They have a menu in English, although its more like a tick card, you place the amount you want in each dish beside the name and hand the card back to the waiter. The dim sum dishes range between £1-£2, and the most famous of all are the sticky BBQ pork buns, they are tiny sweeter than normal versions of the classic Chinese pork buns and almost taste dessert like, but are extremely yummy all the same! Other favourites include the shrimp dumplings and sticky rice dumplings, everything we tried was delicious.

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Our entire meal here consisting of 8 dishes cost 90 HK$ (£7.20/$11.60) and it is more than worth it! After all where else can you get a Michelin Star meal for under £10!

How to get to Tim Ho Wan:

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