Okay so its not really in a backpacker budget price range, but this amazing little restaurant is worth splashing abit of extra cash for. Parking in a small island village you step out onto the white beach and are faced with this..


An island off an island, the restaurant looks tiny from the front but when you get out to it you walk through into a deck that stretches way out the back. An amazing place to have some pre dinner drinks, and sitting in the sun, watching the tide come in around is definitely one of those feel good moments. The food served is all fresher than fresh seafood, with starts around £6 ($10) and mains around £15-20 ($25-32) but the servings are big and the food is excellent.

Getting to the rock can prove abit of a mission, from stone town you can either hire a taxi and pay a set fee for the driver to wait for your and then bring your back also, or hire a car and drive out there yourself. This often proves the cheaper option and there are lots of ruins and secluded beaches along the way if you want to make a day out of it. (Just be careful driving without an international driving permit, as there are tonnes of police check points all across the island who will fine you $20 for driving illegally if you don’t have one, its not a big fine but you have to repay at every checkpoint you pass, after being stopped several times it all starts to add up. You can get a permit from the post office in the UK for £5 if you want to avoid the hassle or grab one from stone town once you get there).