After arriving at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest headquarters we were separated into our groups and ours guides came to brief us, to our surprise the 3 of us were in  our own group and were tracking the largest gorilla family in the forest with 23 members including 2 silverbacks and a couple of babies. The guides had radios and several trackers were already in the forest tracking the gorillas and radioing their position, we head into the forest towards where they think the gorillas are and start walk/run/roll/sliding down a near vertical bank thick with undergrowth and vines which seemed intent on catch round your feet, very tarzan-esk. When we reached the bottom of the valley we slowed down and crept through the forest until suddenly we are face to face with a gorilla, we are stood between 1-2 meters away and it sits there minding its own business chomping away until it decides were getting abit to close for comfort and charges at us (In the briefing we had already been told that if this happens we should stand our ground as the gorillas never  hurt the humans they just charge to let you know whos boss) however when there is a huge grunting gorilla thundering towards you it’s easier said than done i.e. I’ve never moved faster in the opposite direction, but the guide grabbed me and stood me in front of him and the gorilla stopped just short of us, grunted and wandered off…


We continued to search for some other members of the group and came across another lone male, soon after we heard a whistle and were quickly shooed into a clearing where there were 6 gorillas chilling out, 1 silver back, 1 young gorilla (whats a toddler in gorilla terms?!) and a couple of females and a tiny baby! None of them took any notice of us except the toddler(?) who screeched its way back to its mummy  when we got there. In the briefing we were told to stay at least 7m away from the gorillas at all times but in reality we were mostly between 1-3m away from them, we stayed for an hour in total with the gorillas and it was absolutely amazing just to see them and how humans their behavior was! The only down point was that after our time with them was up we had a 2 hour trek back up the near vertical slope, it seemed like it would never end and as its at about 2400m altitude its far harder to breath. Still I’d do it all over for another chance to see the gorillas!