Bucket List #8: See the Pyramids… So we only had a short time in Cairo, we stayed at Meramees Hostel which was a really good shout, the staff were so helpful and friendly. You can check out the Meramees Hostel Review here. We arranged a driver and after some discussion and bargaining we decided we would visit Dahshur first, entry to pyramid costs 30 L.E (£3/$2 ish) and you can go right inside the pyramid for no extra cost. (Worth noting that at Giza if you want to enter the pyramid, it cost an extra 10 L.E (£10/$6 ish) on top of your entry fee) There’s not a whole lot going on inside the pyramids, essentially it’s just a very stuffy, dimly lit corridor but it’s worth doing it for the experience if its free! After Dahshur, we headed towards Saqqara where we took a few photos from outside the entry point but didn’t pay to go in. Its worth mentioning that your drivers will take you to a tonne of shops along the journey as they get commission for taking you there, some of them are cool to look in but the prices are extortionate, don’t be bullied into buying stuff… 986366893 Once you head to Giza, if the drivers ask tell them you just want to be dropped at the main gate to walk in, they will tell you it’s 12km around the site and is impossible to walk it all and try to take you to somewhere to rent a horse or camel. This is actually the best way of seeing the pyramids but just keep telling them you want to be dropped at the main entrance, buy your entry tickets for 60 L.E (£6/$3.60 ish) and then once inside bargain with the people renting camels and horses from inside the gate, to give you an idea from the outside we were offered 150 L.E (£15/$9 ish) per person per hour for a horse, and from inside the gate in the end we paid 20 L.E (£2/$1.20 ish) per hour! 674538441 The pyramids make for some cool photos, and are impressive in their sheer size but oddly I can completely see where Karl Pilkington was coming from when he said “Its just like a massive game of Jenga, that’s got out of hand”. I felt kinda like once I’d seen one I’d seen them all so we spent just over an hour at Giza, it was enough for me but obviously you can spend a lot longer if you wish! Our driver for the day costs 40 L.E (£4/$2.40 ish) per person, for a group of 3. Remember to haggle no matter if you are booking with a tour agency or through your hostel, always walk away and say you’ll think about it and when you return your likely to get a better price. 732979412