Bucket List #52: Full Moon Party – Koh Phangan, Thailand.

After a chilled day on the beach, we start to get ready to go out. I’ve wanted to go to the full moon party for a while and have managed to miss it successful by one day twice. So we head into town for some pre drinks, and paint up!

It’s fairly hectic on the beach, but we settle at drop in bar and stay there for a good few hours dancing our socks off. 4 buckets later and were still dancing on the beach… there’s several people passed out in random spots already and a ‘lifesize’ bucket comes from somewhere….



Overall it’s a little like NYE, so hyped that it’s never really going to live up to expectations, but still an epic night! Here’s a few tips to make sure it all runs smoothly.

  1. Book you hotel in advance, prices go up and places get fuller the closer it gets. Find accommodation tips for the fullmoon here. Also book transport to the island at least a couple of days beforehand as the boats and buses fill up mighty fast.
  2. Before you go out put your valuables in the hotel safe, on the full moon every year hundreds of hotel rooms get broken into and raided.
  3. Don’t take anything you mind losing, as likelihood is it’ll get stolen/trashed/lost.
  4. Do drink the buckets! Find ‘Jamie’ if you can and buy 4 buckets and he’ll give you one free.