So you get to Singapore and from almost everywhere in the city you can see this huge ship looming above other high rises on the skyline. After hearing about this a few years ago, I set my heart on going and decided if I got there I’d actually give up the backpacker budget for one night and take a small wad of cash in, with the full knowledge I’d be coming out with nothing (more than likely)…

Marina Bay Sands, owned by Las Vegas Sands is most expensive standalone casino ever built and you can really see why, even from miles away the iconic and slightly ridiculous outline of the boat is instantly recognisable, once there everything is marble, high class and extremely shiny! It’s the kind of place your feel like a naughty kid in, somewhere you shouldn’t really be where you’re desperately trying not to cause chaos or make a mess. However inside the Casino it’s a different story, machine upon machine, table upon table it is the ultimate playground! I’m not big on cards or gambling normally so I stuck to the easy peasy stuff like the wheel of fortune and roulette, but it was still awesome fun.


The entry is free if you’re from most countries, just take your passport along to show them at the entry. And yes, I lost all my money but really it was a great experience well worth losing some dollars over! If you don’t happen to be passing by Singapore, my favourite alternative is Party Casino where you can play bingo and tonnes of other games online!

Of course there more to Marina Bay Sands than just the Casino, you can check out the Sky Deck and stand atop the huge boat like structure and look out over Singapore. If you’re really flash and you can afford a night in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, you can sit in the infinity pool at the tip of the bow of the boat, but its gonna cost you some serious cash for the room!