All the traffic, fumes and lady boys can get abit much when your staying in Bangkok, Lumphini park is the perfect way to spend a day escaping!


How do you get there??

MRT station: Silom or Lumphini
BTS station: Sala Deng
or take any of the hundreds of buses which pass by this way!

The park is full of a mix of Thai get fit enthusiasts, rouge children and random tourists. Its artificial lakes and lush greenery make the ultimate oasis, the only reminder that you are in the city are the skyscrapers towering over the tops of the trees. You can even hire pedal-o’s or rowing boats to take out on the lake.

There is also the resident wildlife to look forward to, a long time ago a few monitor lizards decided that Lumphini park would be a good place to move (prime real estate and that!) and as no one has ever evicted them they now number over 200 with sizes ranging up to about 3m in length. These are some big, bad ass lookin lizards. You can walk around for ages and not see any, the trick is to sit down on the banks of the lakes in a shady spot and you’ll soon see one strolling or swimming by. I’m not sure whats more entertaining, watching the lizards or keeping an eye out for unsuspecting tourist who are blissfully unaware of the monitors presence until one comes strolling up to their picnic.


Whether you’re a lizard fan or not Lumphini is a great day out and passes the golden backpacker rule: its free!