I’m big on food, it’s one of my major passions alongside travelling and the two go together so well! So thought I’d compile a list of my favourite foods from all the countries I’ve visited:

Australia – Hot/Iced Chocolate (depending on the weather) and chocolate fondue at Theobroma Chocolate Lounge.

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Bali – Nasi Padang, a rice dish with a selection of toppings, curries and sauces.

Canada – Maple Syrup preferably with bacon and pancakes. Alternatively straight out the jar, yum.

China (Hong Kong) – Wanton Noodle Soup and BBQ pork buns

Egypt – Koshery, a pasta, rice, lentil, chickpea disk with tomato sauce.. ridiculously good! Or Kebabs and Falafel. Try Nestle Pops for dessert, like ice cream filled chocolates, yum!

Fiji – Kava, the Fijian version of alcohol and Lovo, meet and veg wrapped in palm leaves and slow cooked in an underground oven.

France – Fresh bread with Cheese and locally produced wine.

Iceland – Whale Steak and shots of Brennivin, Iceland’s favourite spirit.

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India – Any one of the amazing curries, tandoori and roti

Kuala Lumpur – Roti with dhal and curry sauce.

Laos – If youve been travelling awhile: Fresh bread and Parisian style cafes packed with pastries and bread, if you wanna go local: Sticky rice with barbecued chicken, or small parcels of meet and rice wrapped in lettuce.

Morocco – Tagine! My favourites are: Lamb, prune and almond or pickled lemon and chicken.

Netherlands – Brownies 😉

New Zealand – Fish and chips, fresh from any of the coastal towns & Fergburgers, without a doubt the best burger I’ve ever eaten, Queenstown.

Rwanda – Chicken and rice, its basically all you can find, meals are big on carbs so expect rice, 2 types of potatoes and matoke (plantain) but it can be really good when done well!

Singapore – Singapore Sling Cocktail at the bar where it was invented: Raffles Long Bar and Chili Crab in China town

South Korea – Hoddeok, a brown sugar syrup filled pancake and Hanjeongsik, a traditional Korean set meal of tonnes of tiny dishes.

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Spain – Tapas and paella

Switzerland – Cheese fondue & Hot Chocolate

Tanzania – Rafiki Milkshake, containing banana, milk, icecream and malibu

Thailand – Tom Kha Gai and Butter bread with pandan or chocolate spread at Mont Nom Sod, Bangkok.

Uganda – Matoke (steamed plaintain) and plaintain chips.

UK – Gotta be the famous roast dinners or fish and chips.

USA – Anything BBQ style and of course bottomless fries.

Zanzibar – Forodhani Gardens food night market, for cheap fresh seafood from lobster to oysters at ridiculously cheap prices. Also try the Zanzibar Pizza, a pancake/omelette collaboration with the filling of your choice, everything from beef, cheese, coconut, seafood, nutella bananas, you name it theyll cook it!