This sleepy little town enjoys a slow pace and is a great place to wind down, however after arriving from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok or Vang Vieng it can be hard to adjust. For me one or two days here were enough, so heres what to do in Vientiane..

  • That Luang – a cool golden temple on the outskirts of the centre, you can walk there from most places but its a bit of a trek, you can always rent a push bike the day for 10,000 Kip (£1.60/$2.50) or if your feeling lazy take a tuk tuk. Entry is 5,000 Kip (£0.80/$1.50) and its open 8-12.00, 13-16.00.



  • Victory Monument/Patuxai – a grand monument on Lane Xang Avenue, similar to a mini Arc du Triomphe.
  • Mekong riverside market – after sunset tonnes of little stalls spring up along the path that runs along the river, selling mostly clothes and souvenirs with a couple of food stalls chucked in its an interesting little market.
  • Drinking a Beer Lao sitting on the river front for the sunset is a definite must for Vientaine.
  • Stuffing yourself silly at one of the hundreds of French bakeries and Cafees, a few of my personal favourites were: Joma (there are a few about, your ever far from one!) and Crouissant D’or and Fresh Bakery (Both on Nokeo Koummane Rd).


  • There is also a public swimming pool on Rue Kyhoung, entry is 15,000 Kip (£2.40/$4) and its a great place to relax and soak up the sun!