Adioso is fast becoming my favourite flight search engine. If your looking for BA or top class flights you may as well stop reading now.. Adioso is all about doing it on the cheap.

There are two massive bonuses to this site:

  • You don’t have to know where or when you want to go. Simple type in your departing city and type ‘anywhere’, ‘somewhere hot’, ‘somewhere cold’, ‘asia’ etc into the destination box. You can use the date box in the same way but typing in ‘anytime’, ‘summer’, ‘winter’, ‘november-december’. You can also limit it further by searching including you budget e.g. ‘Bangkok to anywhere under £200’. You can then scroll through and see what catches your eye.


  • Adioso automatically searches for indirect flights, so if your main constraint is money and not time, or if you figure you may as well break up the flight with a few days here and there on the way.. type your search in and see what Adioso can come up with. For example last year I needed to fly from Sydney to Bangkok. Flights were in excess of £600 for a flight with a 1 hour layover in Singapore, I checked out Adioso and ended up flying from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur staying for a few days to check out the city and then flying on to Bangkok, the flights cost me a total of £300, I spent about £70 in Kuala Lumpur managed to see another city and still saved £230. Winner! Even if you don’t want to check out the city your stopping in, buying the two flights separately (one to Kuala Lumpur and one on to Bangkok) with a 2-3 hour stop over still would have saved me £300! Your search results will look something like this:



  • Even if you know when you want to go and where and you need I direct flight, I would stll recommend using Adioso, its search has never failed to find me the best fare whether direct or not! The only hitch is that they are relatively new and so haven’t got around to offering flights from/to all areas of the world yet, but if they dont serve your area yet be patient.. they’re worth it!*By the way if your wondering, I am in no way sponsored by Adioso.. I just love them! – See more at: