So I’ve been to Amsterdam a couple times and it’s an awesome place for a weekend away. There is so much to do and see that you could happily come back time and time again! One of the first things I noticed was how expensive alcohol was at around £5 a pint its all adds up very quickly. The only genuinely cheap place to drink that I found was Winston’s, it’s on Warmoesstraat, which runs parallel to Damrak and is very close to the central station. They general have 2 or 3 drinks on an epic special offer every day. Last time I went it was Jager shots or vodka and mixer for €1 (£0.80/$1.30)! It’s a pretty nice bar to chill out in, in the day time and get packed out in the evenings. On the slightly more sophisticated side to alcohol, one of the highlights of my trips to Amsterdam is the House of Bols Museum, Bols in a classic brand of flavoured gin sprits. The museum takes you on tour of how the sprits are made, you pass through the ‘Hall of taste’ a room lined with colours and the smells of each sprit. Come the end of the tour you complete a quick questionnaire and take a slip of paper to the bar where they will whip you up a cocktail based on your preferences. The museum is a complete and delicious assault on the senses and im not promising anything of course but both times I’ve visited after I finished the cocktail I was invited to ‘test’ any of the other flavours I would like (As it happened I’d like to taste all 38 of them and the bar staff were very willing to keep pouring me tasters until I walked away!). There’s even a chance to practice you flair bartending with some shatter proof bottles at the end. Entry is €12.50 and after 5.00pm on Fridays there is a €5 discount!


Make sure you take your Student card to Amsterdam if you have one almost everywhere offers 20-50% discount for students, including House of Bols (20%).

Enough of the alcohol, visiting dam square and wandering along the canals throughout the city is essential to any trip to Amsterdam, as is wandering through the red light district, okay its not glamorous but its definitely an experience! Just remember to watch out for pick pockets and ignore anyone who tried to sell you anything on the street.. no matter whether its tickets/sex/drugs/”friendly advice on directions etc”, it is always a scam!

There are of course tonnes of galleries and museums to visit but I’ll leave these out as it depends so much n your personal taste! One of the must do’s is Anne Franks house, I wasn’t really expecting anything out of the ordinary from it but its more the atmosphere inside the house that is memorable, you’ve got to experience it to know what I mean but it really is a place you have to see. Entry is €9 (£7.20/$11.60).


Leidseplein is a square in the centre and the place to visit for nightlife on a fri/sat night, not only is it a great place to go out but it looks absolutely stunning when its lit up at night!

If your up for a gimmick, keep your eyes out for a FEBO. It is essentially a vending machine which takes up an entire shop front, but you wont find your regular cans of coke and fruit pastels in here, nope you will find a bizarre selection of buggers, chicken nuggets, and a variety of equally fried goods. There is indeed a little person (im not sure ‘little’ is in the job description but in my head they are little indeed) behind the wall on windows who refills the slots from the other side. Ingenuous… sort of.


So theres just a few of the hundreds of things to do in Amsterdam, comment me up with anything i’ve not mentioned that you think is a must do in Amsterdam!