It is without a doubt an amazing city and in my opinion one of the best cities in Europe for a weekend away. But it can also be a quite daunting place, with all the talk of the red light district areas and muggings etc, so here s quick few tips to make sure you have a great trip:

  • Walking in the red light district is perfectly fine, safer in the day time but still not too bad at night just keep an eye out.
  • Generally don’t stop to talk to or buy anything off anyone on the street, the first time I went to Amsterdam I met 3 people who had been robbed because they had stopped to buy stuff of people in the streets.
  • If you’re gonna smoke, keep it in the cafes. People don’t tend to smoke in the streets there and nothing screams tourist more than a red eye’d guy with splif.
  • Check into a hotel near to the centre and try to remember where your staying so you’re not wandering around in alleys when you’re trying to get home. You can find a tonne of decent places to stay in Amsterdam here
  • If you’re heading out leave everything at home and just take cash, there are a fair few pick pockets about.

Really its not a bad place to go just keep your eyes peeled and use your common sense and you’ll be fine! For more information check out


Photo © Moyan_Brenn, Flickr