Heading out to oz, whether on your own or with a couple of mates is pretty daunting. Everyone tells you its dead easy to meet people in hostels etc, and truth is it is. But with OzIntro you get a whole week of getting to know a group of people while doing some awesum stuff with them, not just a passing drinking game in a hostel dorm. You all in the same boat are your all like-minded people so its basically impossible not to make some good friends. It gives you a base of friend to get you going, and you’re all probably hitting the east coast first so everyone tends to stick together. I did oz intro 2 years ago and pretty much the whole group kept together the whole way down the east coast. Im still in contact with a tonne of people from my group and met a couple of my best mates in my week at oz intro. The week’s activities include: jet boating, city orientation, beach trips, surfing, blue mountains, Sydney aquarium, and an amazing dinner at the skytower’s revolving restaurant.. Along with all the obligatory nights out and pub crawls. They also set you up with a Aussie bank account, help you with your visa, help you find work, and plan your trip and basically make your life completely hassle free.. aussie style! Check out their site here.