Stumbled on this article the other day, it’s about the most common regrets and dreams of us brit’s. Most of the regrets and dreams are pretty standard and expected, but I never thought we’d spend on average just over 2 hours a week thinking about things we regret. The most common regrets were not travelling enough and not keeping in touch with friends. So these are the most common regrets:



I dunno, how to say this without sounding like a dick but im proper chuffed that there’s only 2 things on this list that I regret and to be honest, I barely regret them im definitely not spending 2 hours a week thinking about them. To be fair im only 22, so a couple of these things haven’t really had a chance to happen yet. The most interesting thing about the findings was that the majority of people admitted that it wasn’t loved ones or a lack of cash that held them back but simply their own lack of get go, simply really because we couldn’t be bothered.
Although the research also pointed out that our ‘wish list’ were rather ambitious and thus we are never likely to accomplish everything on the list, check out the top 10 things we all want (apparently):



Pretty equally chuffed by the fact that im only missing two off that list, 1.Win the lottery.. well as much as I’d love to win it, I don’t think im ever really going to achieve that one. (I wonder how many people put that down who don’t buy lottery tickets?!) and 8. Build your own house.. I would love to do this, but in reality I don’t think that’s too likely either.. unless I win the lottery that is!

To be honest it doesn’t really matter how many things off these lists you’ve done because there not your list, You can check out my bucket list here! Im about half way through and im happy with what ive done so far and im still going strong! If you don’t already have one make one and if you haven’t gone some way to start ticking things off.. what are you doing?! Get up get out there and do it!

*overly pushy, feel good to the point of puke, motivational post over.