Photo © Abeeeer, Flickr
Okay so when I did this I didn’t technically have a bucket list, or have any idea that one day id get up and move to Australia and discover I love travelling more than I ever could have imagined. But there were a few things I’ve always wanted to do. Even as a nipper I had it in my mind that I’d love to see a couple of place, New York was one of them and I was lucky enough to have an amazing family holiday there when I was about 12 of course we headed to the Empire State building (Bucket list #43). Also worth checking out is the Woolworths building…
I remember being completely scared stiff and completely amazed at the same time by NYC, everything was so big and bright and busy, but instantly I loved it! If I were to move to America it would have to be NYC, it has that same exciting buzz running through it that London has, some people say it’s just busy but it just feels like a place where you’d never be bored. I could easily see myself living and working there quite happily, one of the main reasons I’ve not seriously considered living in the states is from all the horror stories about how hard it is to get a visa and permission to work there. If you’re thinking of making the move, for some help with sorting out a green card click here. Make a start today, and find out if you could be eligible for a green card!