It always less appealing to travel in your own country, I’m always feeling a bit sheepish about the fact that ive been to the other side of the world but Ive never been to Ireland, which is all of an hours flight away! You find this with people all over the world, you meet Aussies in a bar in Thailand who have never ventured away from the gold coast within Australia. I guess its because we know it’ll always be there and its something we can get round to when we have a spare weekend later in life. London however no matter where you come from seems to be fascinating, for me at least im always glad of a trip to London town and its so big you never really get to see all of it, so you can always come back for more! So a couple things to make sure you put on your list next time your in London:Camden market, even if you’re not in the market for shopping it’s just one of those weird and wonderful places you have to experience. In between the stalls selling a completely bizarre assortment of stuff you can find some excellent cheap eats and some truly old school proper British pubs, like the ones with weird pictures of dogs on the wall and creaky seats, take note though the prices are not so old school!


Photo © martie1swart, Flickr
London Eye, ok so this is probably on your list already right. But the real challenge is getting on with a bottle of wine and sipping on it as you rise up and over the city (Chavy as drinking ‘sparking white wine’ from a bottle may be, it does feel pretty epic when its on the London eye). Obliviously you are not allowed alcohol onto the eye and they search your bags (hence the ‘challenge’ part) so you’ll have to think up a creative hiding place..Angel Islington, just off the tube and walk pretty much anywhere but along to your right particularly there are tonnes of tiny boutique shops and stalls that sell vintage stuff. Definitely one for the list if your into that kind of thing and looking for a bargain. There are some really nice places to eat and super trendy bars and pubs in the area too. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast for London before you go.

Clubs, London wouldn’t be London with a night on the town some of the big clubs have hefty cover charges and extortionate drink prices, so if you wanna experience it you’ll have to do it the british way and pre drink ridiculously amount before you head in. Fabric and Ministry of Sound are my personal favourites and both charge about £20 cover on Friday and Saturdays.