Som Tam Thai
– Green papaya salad, this is such a tasty dish and good lighter alternative to rice as a side dish! It consists of shredded unripe papaya and carrot bashed together with tomatoes, chilli, dried prawns, and peanuts. Careful though it is normally made ridiculously spicy, if you want a less spicy version ask for ‘Som tam thai prik song met’ which translates to Som Tam with just two chillies. You can also ask for ‘Som Tam Kai Kem’ which is Som Tam with salted egg, sounds a little bizarre but is actually very tasty!
Khao Moak Gai
-Translates roughly to ‘buried chicken’ or ‘chicken under rice’ this dish is slow cooked and smells amazing, its made form a mix of spices including cinnamon and turmeric and is toped with a vinegar based sauce and fried onions!Khao Neow Ma-muang
-Mango with sticky rice, undoubtedly one of the best deserts around! Sweet ripe mango topped by even sweeter coconut milk on a bed of sticky rice! Yum, if you’re lucky you might get a handful of tiny white fried beans on top that give it some crunch and taste amazing…

Thai Curry
Too many to chose from but here are a couple of the most popular:
-Geng Kiew (Green Curry):
-Paneng: A slightly more spicy curry usualy
-Tom Yum: A clear soup/curry flavoured with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, ginger and chili
-Tom Ka: Similar flavouring to Tom Yum but mellow and creamier after the addition of coconut milk
If you don’t like it spicy ask for ‘mai pet’ if you want it spicy say ‘pet dai’Roti
-My personal favourite is banana and egg roti drenched in condensed milk but you can have pretty much anything from nuttella, to ham or cheese, to coconut!

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