As i’ve mentioned before there comes a point when it’s almost shameful how little you have travelled your own country, saying that you’d been all the way to Australia but have never ventured to Manchester just sounds so wrong! When travelling Australia and New Zealand, me and my mate hired a camper and set off on the open road, it gave us such freedom to do whatever we wanted. No advance booking of bus tickets or accommodation needed, just jump in and drive.With out a doubt one of the best ways to see the UK is to hire a motorhome, with everything you could possibly need located within your transport, it’s easy to just get up and go, and you have all the freedom in the world!

The next campervan experience I’m planning is to grab a camper and tour around a bit of the UK, head down the south coast out to Cornwall, spend some time surfing (or trying to surf), and then take a trip up to Exmoor national park. Campers are definitely the way forward, there such an awesome and cheap way to get around. And you have the bonus of towns being so much closer together in England than in Australia, here the next town is never far off where as in Australia you often have to drive 6 odd hours down the highway before you reach the next town. You also have the added bonus that there are almost no patrols to keep you from camping (outside of park areas of course) and in the hot (sort of) months of summer it can be a great way to get outside even if just for a couple of days! With the credit crunch hitting and holidays abroad becoming out of reach for more and more people, there’s never been a better time for this cheaper alternative!