Bucket list #79: Try every flavour of Fanta in the worldUpdate: 05/01/2013

…2 more flavours found in sunny Southampton (UK): Red Fruits and Mango & passionfruit

Update: 27/09/2012

3 more flavours off the list: Peach (Singapore), Frozen Fanta Strawberry Float (Thailand), Blueberry (Thailand)!

Update: 15/08/12
3 new ones tried..Good things always come in 3’s: Grape (Thailand), Fruit Punch (Thailand), Strawberry (Thailand).
Update: 01/07/2012

2 new flavours tried on my recent trip to Africa: Blackcurrant (Tanzania) and Apple (Egypt)

Other flavours off the list: Lemon (UK), Orange (UK), Fruit Twist (UK), Pineapple (Tanzania), Passion fruit (Uganda), Strawberry and Kiwi (UK).