Out of sheer boredom on a recent flight I ended up talking to the person sat next to be about the dilemma of choosing between the aisle or window seat (Oh yes it was a long flight and I was that bored). Got me thinking as I can never decide..
Aisle seat means you don’t have to climb over sleeping people/annoy people asking them to get up and if your of the tall variety I hear its good for the extra legroom of the aisle for stretching (I wouldn’t know as my feet barely touch the bloody floor!)But then the window seat means, you don’t have to be climbed over or keep having to get up to let people out, and it means you can pile pillows, blankets and other assorted soft stuff against the side of the place to sleep on.Either way everyone knows there’s nothing worse than getting the middle seat.. your sandwiched between two or more people with nothing to lean on, you still have to climb over someone to get to the toilet and you still have to be climbed over by the window seat. It truly sucks!