I’ve searched the back alleys and main streets everywhere in Bangkok for a decent cup of coffee. I don’t mean a vanilla-iced-carmerlatte-frappechino from Starbucks.. I mean an honest decent pure cup of coffee. To be honest I can drink any coffee, from instant to bean. But sometimes you just need one of those amazing cups of coffee that makes you melt in the same way a slice of chocolate cake would (but with far less calories).And finally I’ve found the perfect place, fortunately for me it’s about 2 mins from my apartment …unfortunately for my wallet. You can find it at Sukhumvit soi 21, Asok check out this map its about 5 mins from MRT Sukhumvit, BTS Asok and Terminal 21.

This is in my opinion the best coffee shop in Bangkok, it’s called Doi Chaang and is the Bangkok branch of a Company from Northern Thailand, where villagers grew tired of selling their premium quality beans for a pittance to big international companies so all the families of the Doi chaang village decided to join together, go solo and produce and sell their own ‘beyond fair trade’ coffee…

Stepping out of the sun into the Doi Chaang in Asok is instantly relaxing: the boutique feel, chic decoration, a refreshing blast of aircon and the friendly and attentive staff make it feel like a little oasis! So to the coffee.. The menu has a variety of the regular coffee’s along with hand drip coffee, and cold brew coffee. Above the counter are a selection of coffee brewing/purifying/i-don’t-know-what contraptions that make it look most like a science lab than a coffee shop.
Definitely the best cup of coffee I’ve had in Thailand, possibly ever! And I’m going to be back to try out everything else on the menu! The prices are a little steep for Thailand, but so worth it: an espresso is about 60THB (£1.20/$2) with lattes and cappuccinos coming it at about 85THB (£1.70/$3) They also have a food menu that I didn’t get a chance to look at, but I did notice that had a selection of amazing looking cake for about 85THB (£1.70/$3) per slice.Basically.. go, try, enjoy! Promise you won’t be disappointed!