So I’ve been through Kuala Lumpur on transfers and lay over’s before but until today I always arrived at the ‘budget terminal’ … when they say budget they mean budget, it is basically one big tin warehouse with a few restaurants stuck on the outside.Unfortunately when I arrived at KLIA (the posh Kuala Lumpur airport) I found my plane was delayed, not something you ever want to hear especially when you’re already on a 20 odd hour journey.  But on the plus side I found that KLIA is pretty much the best airport to be delayed in! Maybe after all the trips to the budget terminal I’m just easily pleased but there were a few main reasons why this is one of the best airports ive been to:-Wide range of shopping, food and drink, the airport has everything from wine bars to burger king and WH Smiths.
-Free Wi-Fi! Actually genuinely free instant Wi-Fi, no need to search for a info desk to get a password texted to your phone number that will never arrive etc. Seems like a simple thing to provide but I been to a fair few airports and this is the only one ive ever been to that has free Wi-Fi that genuinely works!
-The Jungle Boardwalk, the airport was designed as a polo shape, with a boardwalk through a tropical jungle in the centre. It’s not exactly large but it is well done and full of dense greenery, and lets be honest its rare to find any outside space at an airport so ill take what I can get!