Can you believe that holidays abroad weren’t an option for everyday folk years ago? Back in the 70s only the rich could afford flights and the exotic destinations we all take for granted nowadays.

The majority of the UK had to settle for long car journeys, travel sickness and the British seaside for their summer holiday fulfilment. But it wasn’t all bad, just the weather, unless you count the heat wave of 1976 of course.

Sounds great doesn’t it? Why not step back in time and reminisce about those retro holidays of yesteryear, when sandy sandwiches, sticks of rock, saucy postcards and donkey rides equalled a good time?

Blackpool, Lancashire

The original and the best amusement capital of the world, that is until Orlando and Disney took centre stage! Okay so that’s bigging Blackpool up far more than it deserves, but if you want the bright lights of Vegas combined with a fish and chip supper, head to Blackpool Pier.

Weymouth, West Dorset

Weymouth still retains some of the seaside holiday charm of years ago with donkey rides and that British classic, Punch and Judy. Hopefully the script and scenarios are more PC than in the 70s. The chance to build the perfect sand castle is guaranteed at Sand World and you can get a good old fashioned ice cream to top it all off.

Cromer, Norfolk

You can’t beat Cromer for a taste of the saucy postcard and kiss-me-quick-hat era. Every day you can cringe at the Carry On-esque, innuendo-fuelled risqué jokes, song and dance performed in the Seaside Special at the Pavilion Theatre on the pier. Ooh-er missus!

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Photo © steve p2008, Flickr