Obviously a huge amount of people go to Vegas to gamble, but there are some things in Vegas to do other than play poker
The Strip (FREE)
-The first thing that should be on your list is to take a wander down the strip, this will give you a head started on getting your bearings and there are a few monorails and buses between hotels around if you get bored of walking!!The Pirate Show (FREE)
-Simply head to the Treasure Island hotel and stand on the sidewalk outside the front. It’s one of the best things I saw in Vegas, there pirates and all sorts flying about and you watch a pirates of the Caribbean-esc scene unfold in front of you. The show runs every 90 odd min’s and there is normally a sign to indicate how long to the next show.

Watch the Bellagio fountain display (FREE)

-Every fountain display is different and they use up to 20 different tracks to play with the show each day. So it’s worth handing about and catching a couple of the displays, they tends to run every 15 min’s from 15.00-24.00pm in the high season. While your waiting for the next one it’s a good opportunity to head into the foyer of the Bellagio and check out the stunning decoration and glass ceiling.

Check out the Lions!
-Who doesn’t enjoy seeing lions?! Head down to the MGM grand hotel to see the lion habitat, complete with lion trainers that keep the lions entertains and active, otherwise its abit like just looking at a giant lion shaped teddy bear!

Hoover Dam
-If you didn’t check it out on your way into Las Vegas its worth making the short 30 min drive to have a look. If you don’t fancy driving you can pick up a tour for around $15.

A view of Vegas from the Eiffel tower
-Best at night, if you grab one of the many maps/guides with a bogof discount along the strip you can get 2 tickets for $10.50

The Buffet of Buffets

-For those who are more keen on filling up on food than $$’s, this is for you. For $29.99 you can get an all day access pass to 7 of the biggest and best buffets in Vegas, included are at the following hotels: Caesar’s Palace, Rio, Paris, Harrah’s, Planet Hollywood, Imperial Palace and Flamingo. Not met anyone who made it to all 7 yet!

Ride ‘The Roller Coaster’
-Ride the famous New York New York Roller Coaster, which reaches 203 ft, with a following 143 ft drop which spinning you through barrel rolls and loop de loops. If this is too daunting try one of the many other famous rides around!