So as all blogger im always trying to squeeze some extra cash out of my site! I’ve had Google Ad Sense for ages but have only been earning pennies, and it wasn’t creating any real income or helping my site!So I decided to give Yengo a try and switch my Google ad words blocks to Yengo ad blocks. One of the best things is that they display mostly News, not Ads so they actually provide your site with some extra content not a tonne of ads! This also means you naturally earn more, because more people click on interesting news than ads. There’s also a lot more freedom, you chose what will be displayed so you can pick and choose between categories and even ban ads containing certain words from your site.
The other best thing is that you can either convert what you have earned into cash and get a payout, or you can do what I do and convert the money you’ve earned into advertising credit and spend the money on advertising with Yengo and gaining traffic, which gives you more readers and encourages a better Page Rank for your site. This is a great tool for newbie bloggers as it could take you ages to get over the $100/£60 payout limit with Google Ad Words. Whereas with Yengo you can start reaping the benefits straight away and start building your sites fan base!For most bloggers CPC advertising like ad words etc. isn’t ever going to be their main source of income but if you can swap it for some free advertising to raise awareness and boost your sites traffic… that can’t be bad!Interested? You can head to and sign up as a publisher! Then simply create an ad block, paste the HTML into your page and start earning today!

Examples of Yengo’s Widget