A costly and confusing but completely necessary add on for any trip is travel insurance. I have had many debates with myself over whether it’s worth it or not and a few times have just been so bored of looking for an insurer who will cover everything I want for the price I want that I have just plain given up.

However, once my insurance ran out and I decided not to renew it thinking that it wouldn’t be worth the money, about a week later on a flight all of my baggage (so pretty much everything I own) was lost without a trace, with the airline stating that I had never checked in any bags. I ended up getting my baggage back about a week later but for that week until it was found I was kicking myself for not renewing my insurance plan! I was lucky that it was only my luggage in danger, if I had an accident or fell sick it could have been a whole lot worse. In the end it’s just not worth the risk!

I had a really hard time finding my insurance last time, as I was out of the UK already yet not a citizen of Australia where I was currently staying, this breaks almost all of the major companies policies. I was also traveling one way and wanted cover for working while I was abroad. (Apparently I was asking a lot!) I got there in the end though and I can personally recommend DU Insure they provide the perfect policy for both basic regular insurance and backpacker travel insurance! Their policies are flexible and provide a good all round basic level of cover for a really decent price!