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After reading up a bit lately on Aruban cuisine, I’d love to take a trip there just to test out a few of the tradition and modern foods I’ve heard about.

Aruba has been occupied by both the Spanish and the Dutch both greatly influenced Aruban cuisine greatly. Traditional cuisine from Aruba includes a great deal of goats meat, stewed vegetables and lots of fresh fish. With more modern dishes moving away from goats meat to chicken and beef and of course still a great deal of fresh fish dishes.

Photo  ©  Salvatore.Freni, Flickr

A few dishes that have enticed me in particular are:

Pastechi – Is a modern favorite and consists of a crispy dough shell filled with a variety of ingredience. Pastechi de pisca – Seafood filled, Pastechi di keshi – Cheese filled or Pastechi di carni – Beef filled.

Balchi di Pisca – These are perfectly formed small balls of Cod.

Cala – Rich bean fritters

Photo  © Serge Melki, Flickr

I also looked up some of the best restaurants (yes I’m getting ahead of myself) and came across the Marandi, it looks amazing! Dinning on the Laguna pier with clear blue waters beneath you and the sun setting in the distance, I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be! They serve modern international and Caribbean influence food and you can look straight into their open kitchen and watch your food being prepared in front of you.

Photo  ©  kretyen, Flcikr

After reading up on the food scene, I need no more convincing I can’t wait to get out to Aruba travel around and eat myself silly!

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