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Find a (Non Teaching) Job in Thailand: A Step by Step Guide

Find a Teaching Job in Thailand: A Step by Step Guide

There is a whole long list of jobs which foreigners are prohibited from doing in Thailand. You can see the list here! Apart from these the general rule for working in Thailand is: If a Thai can do the job, a foreigner will have to have a damn good reason to be doing it instead. Unless your company can provide evidence and reasoning that a foreigner is needed for the position you will not be able to work legally. The main job that people find when coming to Thailand is teaching, if you’re okay with teaching English your set. There are tonnes of jobs about and even without the legally necessary requirements of a bachelor’s degree and TEFL/CELTA certification you won’t struggle to find work! Of course if you have these required qualifications you will find work even more easily and generally you will be paid more.

Where to find teaching jobs?

http://www.ajarn.com/ – This is your biggest resource while searching for a teaching job in Thailand, they have information on absolutely everything and tonnes of job postings everday!



What other jobs apart from teaching are there?

With Thailand’s economy booming there are more and more jobs every day, generally though not for foreigners there are of course exception and there are a small percentage of jobs that are available just be ready to search long and hard and fight for the job you want!

It took me 4 months to find a job in Bangkok, but was completely worth it now I’m working for an online advertising company and I love my life here! Im 100% glad I put in the time and stuck it out until I found something!

Where to find regular jobs in Thailand (non-teaching)?