Bored of seeing the same old recycled touristic crap at Chaing Mai’s many night bizarre are markets? Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with model Tuk Tuks made out of Chang cans, hand crafted soap and ‘Same Same’ T-shirts. But there is only so much of this stuff you can take, especially if you’ve already paid a trip to Chatuchak Market in Bangkok. Heading to Chiang Mai I was hoping for a little something extra, maybe something a little more unique or just something a bit different. After hitting the night bizarre and walking marketing I discovered since my last visit they’d doubled up on the touristy crap and I was having trouble finding anything truly handmade or different. I’d read up on Anusan market before arriving although from most of the stuff I found online I was slightly confused as to what the market was all about: most of the reviews seem to point to good seafood or the lady boy shows. Anyways I had time to kill so decided to check it out, upon arrival I found a cute and very well laid out under cover market, which basically looked like loads of stalls sheltering under a giant polly tunnel. The fact that its set out in clear rows might not seem like a necessity to most people but after trying to navigate hundreds of tiny rows/sois/troks in huge markets and never ever being able to find your way back to something you saw earlier I can tell you that this is both very rare and absolute bliss.So what can you find here, what’s at Anusan marketing? well it does contain all the regular tourist t-shirts, craved resin Buddha’s and elephants  but you’ll also find:


Electrics – Speakers, fans, cables, i-chargers etc etcClothing – Both traditional and more modern styles
Silk – Lots and lots of silk stalls
Leather – Handmade leather bags and items
Handbags/wallets/accessories – of the non leather variety
Jewellery – from small elephant bracelets up to amber necklaces
Handicrafts – There are a few authentic(ish) handicraft stalls selling traditional Hmong (a thai hilltribe) designs and goods.

You really will find everything here and because its slightly less known you can actually walk around a browse without getting trampled by the crowd! So where is it? How do you get to Anusan market? Its to the East of the old town, if you’re anywhere within the moated square it shouldn’t be much more than a 10 min tuk tuk which should cost between 70-100 baht depending where you start.

Check out the map!