So i’ve kinda always liked the idea of skiing, even since i was a kid it always just seemed like something i would like.So when i got to go for the first time on a school trip to Switzerland, i jumped at the chance. I also signed up for lessons at the local dry slope for the next few weeks and found that as much as i thought i was gonna amazing and love skiing, i was ummm… terrible and spent most of the time falling off the ski lifts or wiping out half way down only to have to try and shuffle back up to the top. Humm… not quite what i had in mind!But anywho i was told it was totally different on actual snow and so off i went. We took a flight to Milan and then a bus up through to Switzerland (because flying straight there would be wayyyyyy to easy!) First day on the slope we got kitted up and while all my friends who has been skiing before went off into intermediate or advance groups, i head for the beginners group with all the young years! Not to worry im dead short so i fit right in with the lil’uns. Soon as i got on the slopes everything clicked, boom… no more falling off ski lifts etc, still lots of wiping out but hey i was wiping out in style. I soon moved up to the next level and carried on working my way up through the groups until i was back in the big kids class by the end of the week. 

After that first trip i was pretty hooked and i headed off on the a trip while at uni, skiing wise it was no lessons this time and i was free to wipe out on as many black slopes as i liked! Skiing was it was even better that the first trip now i had really got to grips with the basics it was awesome fun! Add that to the copious amounts of alcohol that go with any uni trip and your set for a awesome week in the snow!