With all this crazy hot weather in the UK at the moment lots of people are heading out of the city for the beaches and surrounding areas. But what is your stuck in the city or just fancy a visit? Heres a quick run down of whats good in the city this summer…

Camden beach

Whats that i hear? A beach? In London? Yup you heard me, the roadhouse has gone ahead with another year of its 900m of ‘beach’ ok its not quite the seaside but its a good halfway there! The area is fully equipt with deck chairs and.. well sand and most importantly a bar! If you have a few to many and need somewhere to stay hotel booking in London is easy with Accor Hotels.
Waterloo Food Festival
If your in the area before the 31st July, check out the Waterloo Food Festival for lots of tasty treats. Although there are some stalls etc available in the daytime this area really comes alive in the evenings.The Nomads Cinema
These are open air screening that pop up all over London with a whole selection of films each fitting the chosen surroundings. You can find venue and film listings here. Perfect for a summers evening!Radio Rooftop Bar
Bored of the sweltering heat and pubs packed with people spilling out onto the pavement and road. It could be time to splash a little more cash and head up high out of the crowds to Radio Rooftop Bar, where you can head out onto the terrace and settle into a big comfy sofa with an ice cold beer or cocktail. Ahhhhhhh bliss.
Swimming at Hampstead Heath Ponds
Despite the slightly off putting ‘Ponds’ in the title, at the bottom of Pryors Heath there are actually 3 gorgeous tree lined pools. Currently there are no changing facility or loungers etc, but entry is free!

Krankbrothers Parties
Time for some night time activities? Go on then! Head down to one of Krankbrother’s legendary events for a night of mischief and mayhem, your guaranteed to have a memorable night!