When you leave Phuket Airport, head out of the exit and turn right. walk down to the end and you will see a metered taxi sign. Go up to the counter and ask for a metered taxi to Bang Rong pier, although in actual fact you are very unlikely to be able to convince them to give you a metered taxi, the price of about 5-600 baht is normally what you can haggle down to for this journey.

When arriving at Bang Rong pier dont be put off by the Ramshackledness of the place, when we pulled up i was sure we’d gone to the wrong place. It looks something like this…


You also have to pay a 10 baht ‘Tourist fee’ when entering the dock, i don’t really know if this is a real thing (mostly likely some local just made it up) but we were in a rush so we just paid anyways.

From the pier you can take either a speedboat or a longtail:

-Speed boats take 30 mins and cost 200 baht
-Longtails take 1 hour and cost 100 baht.

You can find the timings of the boats here

How do you know where to get off?

Note that when returning double check the boat timings with your hotel, as it seems some of the boats coming back the other way are not as reliable.