Best Beef was recommended to me by a friend, its of the Korean BBQ-your-own-food style! And with a all you can eat 2 hour buffet for 199฿ you cant really go wrong. However it really surpassed my expectations! The place is big and always packed out with only outside seating available, which makes for a hot and sticky BBQ experience but also adds to the atmosphere.


All the meat was really good, especially the beef (it really is best beef!) we had several hundred plates of Sirloin tip, Teriyaki chicken, marinated pork, shrimp and veg and really got out moneys worth! The sauces were also delicious, ive no idea what they are but 2/3 were a good level of spicy for a westerner (not spicy at all basically!). The only down point was the sides which were all pretty inedible, apart from the veg and rice, but then again we came for the meat so im not to bother on filling up on sides!


So here’s how to get there: Take the BTS skytrain to station On Nut, get off on the Tesco lotus side, and walk back towards Phra Khanong (walk the same direction as the traffic is going on that side) for about 5 minutes. Best Beef will be on your right its got a huge sign so wont be hard to miss!!