Of course one of the biggest questions when you arrive in Yangon is: where to eat traditional and local food.

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Bright star looks like any regular tea shop and most likely is very similar to may of the other surrounding tea shops, however there are a few key differences that make Bright Statr noteworthy, firstly it both has a name and the name is clearly displayed and recognisable in English! (Huge bonus if you’ve been wandering the streets looking for a nameless shop or tea house before). Secondly is serves a wide range of traditional Burmese food and has an English menu. This is pretty rare and is in fact the only places we found that both had a menu and served traditional Burmese food. Here’s what we tried;


Traditional Burmese yellow sticky rice, sweet and salty comes topped with fried onions and dried fish.


Pickled tea leaf rice salad, slightly bitter and very aromatic.

Bright Star is located in downtown Yangon, its pretty easy to find as its on the main Bo Gyoke Aung San Rd. Check out the map below: