So Khaosan road has a whole tonne of overpriced low quality Thai food. But there is one little gem of a Thai place that serves simple, cheap and tasty food that actually bears some resemblance to Thai food outside of the tourist areas.

It also has a twist, the restaurant is owned my Magic Max. He’s a ‘Maxician’ …yeah that’s what I thought!

The menu serves everything from Phad Thai, curry and rice, soups, vegetables it’s a standard Thai street food menu. The food is great although I know lots of people think the portions are too small (it’s a Thai thing you’ll have issues with everywhere if youโ€™re a big eater) the great thing is that with dishes starting at 30 baht each including rice you can have several dishes or do it Thai style get a whole load of dishes and share amongst your group.. that is presuming you have some friends ๐Ÿ˜‰

At some point during your meal a instantly loveable Thai guy will stroll up introduce himself as Max and then blow your mind with his insane in the membrane magic tricks.

I’m not easily entertained but this guy is good! I’ve been coming to Max’s restaurant for almost 3 years and I’ve never been disappointed by the food or the magic.

So how’d you get there? Start at the top of Khaosan road (the end with the police station, where Khaosan meets chakrapongse road) turn right on chakrapongse rd and take the next main street on your right called Rambuttri road. Walk about 100 meters down this road and Max’s will be on the left hand side, look out for the battered yellow sign at the front and a fruit shake stall behind.


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