We were staying at Aung Sii Guest house  so this shop was just opposite out hotel and as we immediately sunk into the tea drinking culture and began drinking countless cups a day we became quite familiar with this one!


The shop had the best tea in my opinion and not only did it have the best blend of tea but it is staffed mostly by a group of young boys all equip with the biggest ear to eat grins, and a desperate desire to practice their English on you! The shop was always packed and I can only assume that the staff and their endless cheeky banter impressed the locals as much as it did us! They also had a large flat screen TV that shows the football if there’s a match your desperately keen to watch! The shops also serves noodles and snacks such as samosas and roti.


As this shop only has a Burmese name which I’m not even going to attempt to translate, we’ll call it the orange shop due to its orange walls. Its not too hard to find being on the main Bo Gyoke Aung San Rd, its directly opposite the entrance to 48th street which is also very easy to fine. The shop is on the comer of the street and it looks like this:


I’ve added a map so you can see the exact location. If you come up through 48th street it will be directly opposite you when you cross Bo Gyoke Aung San Rd.