Now I am a backpacker, I definitely fall under the category of what some may call ‘stingy’ (although I’d rather think of it as money-wise!) Because of this desire to save money and spend the absolute minimum amount possible I have had some pretty horrific flights.

Low-cost airlines are great for short haul flights, but a 14 hours flight from Bangkok to Melbourne with no entertainment, no food, not a blanket or pillow in sight.. well that was a pretty rough flight! And to be honest, it’s not something I’d do again, it really isn’t worth the small amount you save.

One of the best flights I’ve ever had was with Emirates, actually my dad travels a lot and after his recommendation I booked with them and was almost a little excited to be flying with a proper airline for once. They didn’t disappoint!

I mean from my past experience I’d have been happy with a blanket and a mouldy sandwich. In reality what I got was an amazingly comfy seat complete with a blanket and pillow – I even got extra leg room from the lovely man who checked me in! I’m fairly short and on my last budget airline flight even I was struggling with the leg room! But here, I could stretch my legs right out all the way from London to Dubai!

I had a quick stopover in Dubai airport which wasn’t bad as far as stopovers go. Then back on board to Bangkok (no extra legroom this time, but still plenty of room) snacks and drinks were passed out throughout the flight and even the dreaded plane food was really good. On top of all of this the airline staff were attentive, polite and really helpful!