In the past I took a crowed ferry boat day tour to Koh Phi Phi, although the sites were all there the overall trip was pretty poor and the boat was packed so tight you could barely move.

So when I got to Koh Yao Noi with my family, hiring a private boat seemed like a far better option! We checked out the options at our hotel that seemed okay but a bit pricey. But by chance we were in the Green Coffee shop (which incidentally makes awesome sandwiches and breakfasts) and noticed they had a brochure for private boat day trips, turns out that the owner, this lovely thai woman helps out my advertising locals boats for tours. The boat owners will take you about for a day, and although they speak very little English you can communicated well enough with a few words and gestures.

We were staying in the amazing Niramaya Villa & Wellness Resort, which was perfect for a family vacation and such great value for money !

The Green Coffee shop is on the south east of the island at Pasai beach.  You can check out the website for more details. You can pretty much dictate your own itinerary and go to any of the islands numbered on the map.

IMG_1416  IMG_1409

We went to 3 islands: Koh Hong, Koh Phag-Bia and Koh Nok, and for the whole days it cost just 2,000 baht (£42/$63) we also paid an extra 1,000 baht (£21/$31) to include 2 canoes. There were four of us on the boat but I don’t think it really makes a difference on the price how many of you there are (within reason obviously).

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Koh Hong was the first island, we pulled up onto a completely deserted beach and jumped into some canoes and paddled round into a massive lagoon in the centre of the island, for half the time we were the only people in the lagoon, later so boat came into the lagoon but could not enter very far because of the depth of the water so we were still left as the only ones canoe around the lagoon.

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Then we headed to Koh Phag-Bia which was way more crowded but allegedly the best place for snorkeling. We have a quick snorkeling session but there wasn’t much visibility and the fish were pretty uninteresting. Then headed on to a small shaded bay to have some lunch we’d bought at the Green Coffee Shop and brought with us. The crew also brought lots of chilled water and fresh watermelon for us and we sat and munched taking in the view.

The last island was Koh Nok, which has a crazy 2 way beach, where a strip joins two parts of the island together.

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If you want to book a day trip like this pop into the Green Coffee Shop on Koh Yao Noi, you can eve turn up at about 8.30-9.00 am and leave about and hour later if the boat isnt booked.