Just found this amazing new website Plate Culture, I’m yet to fully test it out but it’s such an awesome concept, I love everything about it down to the tag line “off the eaten track”, think couchsurfing or air b’n’b in the kitchen department!



So basically you go to the website and look up for your city or a city your traveling to and select a host based on their profile and info, you pay a small fee and the host cooks you a home cooked meal. So what you get as a guest is a decent (hopefully) home cooked meal, to experience a local persons home and meet a variety of people, it’s such a good experience whether you a living in a place or visiting! There’s a whole range of cooking styles, menus and price so your bound to find something interesting!




Of course you can also sign up to host your own dinner, you get all the same benefits and you can even make some money out of it! I’m hoping to try it out as both a Host and Guest very soon!