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When compared to most other countries in the same region, and actually the whole world really, Thailand is one place you can visit with relatively little fuss. You’ll perhaps get the odd stomach ache and I can’t deny your list of strange experiences will have some interesting entries, but overall preparation for your trip to Thailand is simple. A few thoughts though.

When booking your flights 
Pay attention to the time of year when you are browsing and researching the area. For the most part you could book your flights as late as two days in advance, if your destination is Phuket or Chiang Mai. Every region has its tourist peak times though. If you must travel during the holidays, book your flights well in advance. Tickets will get more expensive the closer you are to the date, especially if you plan to visit the less populace areas like Trat or Chiang Rai.

Time to visit the doctor 
Visit your doctor at least six weeks before you are due to leave. Your doctor may recommend a Hepatitis B vaccination, and you can make sure you are not due any boosters or further immunizations. Buy travel insurance too. A guy I met in Thailand didn’t bother, so, naturally he fell pray to sickness. The doctors are capable over there, so don’t panic if you do feel ill at any time.

Choose where you visit ahead of time 
Thailand is vast, beautiful and crazy, with lots to do and plenty to see. Do your research ahead of time, so that you can pursue the activities which appeal to you the most. You won’t see everything, but you’ll get a bigger chunk done with some planning. Buy or borrow a guidebook, look on the internet, talk to people who have visited the region and make a list. You don’t have to plan down to the timings, but it helps to be in the know.